Rid Your Body of Toxins That are Bringing You Down

Make an appointment for an ion detox foot bath in Lenexa, KS

Everyone has toxins in their body. Thankfully, you can find a possible solution for eliminating them at Colon Care Center. We use ion detox technology to help customers cleanse their bodies of harmful bacteria or toxins. Our skilled practitioner will walk you through how to use our ion detox foot spa. Then, you can start soaking your feet and relax as you release toxins.

Make an appointment to use the ion detox foot spa at our practice in Lenexa, KS today.

Try a holistic approach to treating your ailment

Try a holistic approach to treating your ailment

Some people might experience more noticeable benefits of the ion detox foot spa than others. We recommend this technology for people who are:

  • Suffering from arthritis, pain or allergies
  • Struggling with metal toxicity
  • Battling fatigue and stress
  • Seeking to slow the aging process
  • Recovering from an accident
  • Living with ADD, ADHD or autism

We also recommend this process to athletes with high lactic acid build ups. Find out more about who might benefit from ion detoxing when you reach out to us today.