Patti King, D.C., FASA

"Rosie is more than a Colon Therapist. She combines multi-talents in Reiki, Nutrition and Colonics which is more than a mechanical job - it's her spiritual gift of mind, body and spirit which helps the patient to let go and heal. I feel energized. I had to live off of colonics for 20 years and have met many that did not give what Rosie does. You do not have to feel uncomfortable with Rosie's professional attitude as a Colon Therapist. She is positive and is there for you. She is very concerned for your health and she will go that extra effort to give you the best, so you can feel your best. Her work reveals what a powerful healer she is. I feel energized after her colonics and I have never felt that way with any other Colon Therapist."

Lisa Lu

Overland Park, KS

Thanks so much for providing such a life changing service. It has been an amazing journey in so many ways and I have learned so much from you. You're helping me to reach my goal of preventive maintenance on a monthly basis. To anyone reading this that is looking at booking for a colon hydrotherapy session - get ready for a the wonderful experiences you will have as a result. I know it's an awkward thing to talk about or undergo. Trust me - the awkwardness disappears nearly immediately and the benefits far outweigh any vanity issue. My cravings for sugar and processed foods immediately vanish with a session. My mood is significantly and noticeably elevated. My body is nicely hydrated and I've eliminated so many toxins. I'm 52 and I've gained so much knowledge from working with you. I've learned how important the simple act of colon hydrotherapy cleansing is for my overall health and well being. With a clean colon, my body will absorb nutrients and water and...this list goes many things that are so important for our bodies. I find comfort in your 30+ years of practice and your state of the art equipment. I love our conversations during our sessions, we talk about anything and everything. Committing to the initial cleanse and monthly maintenance is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I am full of joy and gratitude! Many blessings and thanks so much.

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