Patti King, D.C., FASA

"Rosie is more than a Colon Therapist. She combines multi-talents in Reiki, Nutrition and Colonics which is more than a mechanical job - it's her spiritual gift of mind, body and spirit which helps the patient to let go and heal. I feel energized. I had to live off of colonics for 20 years and have met many that did not give what Rosie does. You do not have to feel uncomfortable with Rosie's professional attitude as a Colon Therapist. She is positive and is there for you. She is very concerned for your health and she will go that extra effort to give you the best, so you can feel your best. Her work reveals what a powerful healer she is. I feel energized after her colonics and I have never felt that way with any other Colon Therapist."

Lisa Lu

Overland Park, KS

Thanks so much for providing such a life changing service. It has been an amazing journey in so many ways and I have learned so much from you. You're helping me to reach my goal of preventive maintenance on a monthly basis. To anyone reading this that is looking at booking for a colon hydrotherapy session - get ready for a the wonderful experiences you will have as a result. I know it's an awkward thing to talk about or undergo. Trust me - the awkwardness disappears nearly immediately and the benefits far outweigh any vanity issue. My cravings for sugar and processed foods immediately vanish with a session. My mood is significantly and noticeably elevated. My body is nicely hydrated and I've eliminated so many toxins. I'm 52 and I've gained so much knowledge from working with you. I've learned how important the simple act of colon hydrotherapy cleansing is for my overall health and well being. With a clean colon, my body will absorb nutrients and water and...this list goes many things that are so important for our bodies. I find comfort in your 30+ years of practice and your state of the art equipment. I love our conversations during our sessions, we talk about anything and everything. Committing to the initial cleanse and monthly maintenance is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I am full of joy and gratitude! Many blessings and thanks so much.

Whitney A.

First time doing colon hydrotherapy and it was great! Rosie was so comforting and educated me on a plethora of how to keep my colon healthy! Highly recommend her practice. Body felt much lighter and my stomach was so flat after! Thank you Rosie!


I've known Rosie for more than 20 years, always professional, and a true healer. You will never regret taking care of yourself, and Rosie will be there for you.

Jolyn W.

Rosie Rooter!!! Can't believe what a difference just one session made! So I bought a package of 6! Yes it's an uncomfortable situation but Rosie makes you feel so comfortable and is so passionate and knowledgeable about colonics ! Everyone should check this out and give it a try!

Shawntale H.

Very cool get right to the bottom. Matter of speaking. My first time getting a colonic, and it was not bad at all.

Trish A.

Colon Care Center....Thank you so much for your healing hands and for all of your valuable information to lead me on a path to a healthier lifestyle. Rosie your are such a beautiful soul inside and out, you definitely take care of your clients and you're passionate about your job. Your wealth of knowledge shines through you to help others. Again, thank you for helping me feel better!

natalie griffin

Rosie gives special care an concern to each individual. She has a special way of tailoring her services to meet your needs. Rosie provides Exceptional customer service and education!

dixie ducote

The colon care center is a fabulous place to begin your healing journey . Rosie makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. I feel so good when leaving , more energy and lighter . Thanks colon care center !

Samantha Lynn

I've had several appointments with Rosie. The service and care is great, and her center is a staple in my wellness routine! Would definitely recommend.

Oscar Pedroza

Rosie is very knowledgeable in her field, her services are impecable and she makes this process to be a very comfortable experience.

Annie Elder

Very clean, great service, would highly recommend coming to the colon Care center.

Joann Soltero

Rosie's, place is very heaven sent. You will feel at peace with yourself. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate in what she does. Your health is very important with everything that wants to attack it. She is wise with all preventions b4 you get attack with illness or if your trying to fight for your life. Great place to get knowledgeable go now and check out the wonderful things that can keep you alive!#

Ashleigh Koch

Rosy is amazing and makes you feel comfortable. She's great, and the prices are good too!

Eugenia Ortiz Art

Want to live a longer and better life??? Rosie's Colon Care Center is the BEST!!! She has almost 4 decades of experience! She is super caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping people heal and get healthy. Your body is your temple. Rosie helps keep it clean and healthy! She offers colonics, sauna, foot detox, Bemer Technology, DoTerra Essential oils classes, and she has a fabulous massage therapist: Angel Healing Hands!
Go NOW! You will feel soooooo much better! Clear colon, clear mind!

Kelsey E

Such a great experience my first time, I should have done this sooner! Rosie is the best! Will definitely be back :)

Di Garden

Rosie is the best! I've had many colonics before, but Rosie's colonics is the best I've ever had. She cares and loves for people's health! 1Peter 1:22, 1John 3:23-24, 1John 4:7,12


Kansas City

I have been going to Rosie for Colonic's for the last 8 months. She has given me invaluable information about health and nutrition. She told me if I wanted to lose weight I should stop eating wheat and dairy. She also told me to remember the acronym BROW which means Barley, Rye, Oats and Wheat. She said that these are also foods to stay away from to help with weight loss. I have, with better diet and persistence went from 170 lbs to 128 lbs over a seven month period. Thank you Rosie for your true concern and helping me to heal myself.
I will be seeing you again soon.

Cynthia H.

"I have never thought that having colonic sessions would benefit me healthwise but it has. Currently I have had four sessions with Rosie and I have now incorporated this into my healthy life style. I will be the first to admit that staying focused on eating healthy is difficult at times. So, once I started going to Rosie for colonics, she has educated me about the short/ long term effects that colonics can have on one's health. When it came to my weight it was never consistent. Since having colonics, I lost between 6 to 8 lbs. Keep in mind that this includes diet and exercise. Yet, I have to thank colonics for jump starting my weight loss."

Andrea Becker, Yoga Instructor

Lee's Summit, MO

Hi Rosie! I wanted to write a reference for your website!!! I am 25 years old and have been battling IBS w/ constipation for 6 years, and no medical treatments have been successful for me. I've tried everything, prescriptive laxatives, natural herb laxatives, stool softeners, zelnorm, etc. I haven't felt relief from anything except from the colonics and the immunocal. For the first time I don't feel bloated, fatigued, or suffer from migraines! I just want everyone to know about this special treatment and to thank Rosie for giving me my life back! THANKS ROSIE!!

Vincent Brown


"Hey ROSIE, I feel real good. And oh, I thought about you this week-end while playing shows in Oklahoma. My playing (drumming) was NOTICEABLY better.
More energy, coordination, hand speed, etc. I Definitely played at a higher level than I had been in recent gigs. Mannnnnnn. I was g-g-great. The extra forearm and hand massage work very well."

Larry M.

Topeka, KS

Just a note to thank you for the treatment you gave me yesterday. I feel even better today-no gas or full feeling. Your services are a hidden treasure- thank goodness for the internet. I am certainly going to continue having these treatments... I can see why the people you have on your website were so pleased with the results. You have a very pleasant and clean facility to do these treatments. But the main factor was the way you carried out the procedure- so professional and caring and taking the time to make sure I would have the best results... Again thanks for for allowing me to come on such short notice and for helping me so much. It was a wonderful experience.


Before coming to Rosie for a colonic I had 14 colonics by two different colonic specialists to try and remove some of the gas and blockages I had developed over the years. After one colonic by Rosie I had three major post colonic releases later that evening, less blockage, discomfort and less pain during the colonic. I know it will take more than one colonic, but I am off to a great start.

Chris D.

Rosie has been my therapist for the past 10 months. I am 50 yrs of age and diabetic. Her colon treatments are effective but very gentle. I feel like a brand new person after each session. She explains everything that is going on and asks questions to provide the best treatment and care. I can already feel a difference with my body as a result of the past colonics from Rosie. Thank you Rosie!

Debra Hayes, Artist

Rosie is the BEST by far colon therapist I've been to in Kansas City! She is adept at her craft and she is genuine in her concern and help towards me and my health issues. Rosie is well versed in fibromyalgia, reflexology and natural supplements. Her help has been instrumental in strengthening my health.

Lawrence E Forbach, Licensed Massage Therapist

Rosie is the Colon Therapist I go to at this time. I have been going to her for the past few years and I have received treatments from many Colon Therapists. I find her to be a very gentle and caring person. I like her treatments and the type of concern she shows in her clients.

Patrick F.

Rosie is very knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients well being

Tammy R.

I have been a client of Rosie's for 2 years. She goes to great lengths to accommodate my schedule, and I have seen her do this for her other clients as well. She designs your session for you, it is not a one size fits all approach. She is knowledgeable in her field.

Jack B.

Courteous, friendly, patience with a smile.

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