This Product/procedure is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

(According to the discoveries of Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D. / Copywrite 2002)


Colon reforestation is the introduction of healthy intestinal bacteria supplement into the rectum, which delivers it into the sigmoid flexure of the colon.

Why should I consider this treatment?

Many individuals have taken antibiotics, had food poisoning, or intestinal flu. These situations disrupt the normal intestinal flora. Fermentation in the intestines causes increased bloating and flatulence. Putrefaction in the intestines is indicated by odorous flatulence and stools. By supplementing the intestinal flora with a variety of lactobacillus, we replace what might have been destroyed or disrupted.


The primary importance of the reforestation is to restore the colon's bacteria to its healthy and normal state.