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When you feel bad, it's because something harmful, like bacteria, is thriving in the positively-charged environment in your body. The ion detox foot spa at Colon Care Center creates a negatively-enhanced field to fight back. Through the bathwater and your body, your fluid systems are exposed to a negatively-charged environment. A soak in this water may cause bacteria and toxins to exit your body.

Our ion detox foot spa can be an efficient way to boost your lymphatic system and rid your body of illness. Contact our practice serving Lenexa & Kansas City, KS now to learn more.

Discover the potential benefits of ion detox technology

Discover the potential benefits of ion detox technology

There are plenty of potential benefits when you use the ion detox foot spa. It might help you:

  • Eliminate toxins from your body
  • Increase your body and cellular energy
  • Gain joint mobility and normalize your metabolism
  • Improve mental acuity and reduce stress

To see the best results after your soak, make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle. We recommend getting adequate exercise, vitamins and supplements.